We Believe...

We believe that God exists in three equal parts (Trinity) that is Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit, unified and equal in position and power. Our God (the Trinity) has always existed (having no beginning) and will always be (having no end).

We believe the Bible is Truth. It is God's message to man showing us the truth of His love, grace and mercy given to us through Jesus Christ. 

We believe that mankind is separated from God due to our rejection of Him. Therefore, God provided man a way to gain forgiveness through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Spirit of God was sent to help us live a God-honoring life and to empower us for serving our world. As such, the Spirit has given the Church many spiritual gifts that should be active in the Church today. Those include: Tongues, Interpretation, Prophecy, Healing, Knowledge, Discerning of spirits, Faith, Miracles, and Wisdom. 

We believe in healing through Christ's body that was wounded for us. It is our practice to pray for healing for physical, mental, and emotional needs. Christ frequently healed the sick showing that He has power over all things that adversely effect us in this life. Jesus' brother James told the Church to call mature Christians to pray, anointing the sick with oil (a symbol of the Holy Spirit). 

We believe that both heaven and hell exist, and that those who have committed their lives to Christ will spend eternity with Him in heaven. This occurs through both death and the eventual rapture (the catching away) of the Church.