Online Worship Announcement

March 18, 2020

Over the past week, I have struggled with the idea of moving services out of our building. Yesterday morning, I woke up at 5am wrestling with this issue.

It is difficult because we in the American church easily move into the mode that a physical location or a building is the church. We look at Scriptures that tell us “not quit meeting together,” and we realize that community gathering is a part of our worship experience.

Yet, we look to areas throughout our world where there are no buildings—where there is no safe place to meet, and where there certainly is not an option to move to an online platform. There we see a church that is thriving, active, and probably more passionate for the cause of Jesus Christ than the average American Christian.

We balance this idea with the directive for the church to be respectful and submissive to authority, including the government. Certainly that does not apply to government overreach or an attempt to silence the church.

In these unprecedented times, we must remember that we are not defined by a building–we are defined by our faith and trust in Jesus Christ. While many could question our choice to move online for a few weeks–pointing to fear as the motivator–in reality we are submitting to our President, or Governor, and our state superintendent of the Assemblies of God.

It is also wise for us to come together as a nation and a world at this moment to help stop the spread of this disease. While it is easy to feel these actions are too broad, we only need to look to Italy to see the trajectory of this disease. I would never want us to put any person at risk of death or sickness.

In the midst of all of these trials, let us remember that wherever and however we meet, we do so for the glory of God. Whether it is in a hidden room in China, the underground church in Iran, a small group of Africans around a remote tree, or a prisoner sitting in jail for his faith…Jesus is everywhere and He will build His church.

Let us rise to the aid of those around us. If you are in need, we have a team ready to deliver basic needs to your home. Perhaps you are a senior that is unable to shop or a family struggling to feed your kids while they are out of school for the next three weeks, your church family is ready and willing to help. May we do the same for those around us, in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and our families.

This weekend, we will move to an online format for Sunday morning and Wednesday night services. Francophone will do the same for their service each week. All other events will be postponed. We will continue to give you updates a few times a week.

You can access the online services through the “Watch Online” menu tab at the top of the site, or at the following link:

In celebration of our King, and hopefully the end of this virus in our nation, we will join together on campus Palm Sunday weekend, April 4 and 5.

Finally, I call for the church to pray concerning this COVID-19 issue. The President declared this past Sunday a national day of prayer, so let’s keep praying. I hope you can join us online this weekend, as we broadcast times of worship and prayer live. Remember the building will not be open, we will do this online.

Prayer is powerful as it can be done anywhere at any time; despite distance, we are joined together in unity by the Spirit.

Remember – “The Lord is my light and Salvation – why should I be afraid.” Psalm 27:1

Pastor Darren

Service Times

Sunday Morning @ 10:30 am
Sunday Evening @ 6:00 pm

Wednesday Evening @ 7:00 pm

Saturday @ 5:30 pm (French Speaking)

When you visit C3AG you can expect:

To be welcomed when you drive onto our property.

To see signs directing you to first-time guest and new and expectant moms parking.

To see a security presence. Your safety is important to us.

To receive a welcome gift with Guest Registration Card. You can find us at the welcome center at the center of the foyer or we will do our best to find you.

To have assistance checking in your kids through our church check-in software.

To find a clean inviting environment.

To experience Spirit-filled worship.

To see diversity. C3AG is one community made up of many nations.

To gain applicable preaching for your life and family.

To be contacted and welcomed again after your first visit with us, when your guest card is returned to us.

We are praying for you in advance of your visit.